Dragon Age Origins

Overview: 7/10

This is a pretty game with a well thought out plot line, my problem with is that is is far too linear for my liking and far far too talky!  There are several occasions when you are stuck doing what seems like endless talking to fulfil quest lines or get benefits from your companions when personally i wanted to just go out and kill something! 

Hints and Tips

  • Sex.  You can have sex with your companions (if you are squeamish don't try it!) male and female.  Alastair is straight as is Leilani, but Morrigan and Zevron are not so fussy.  Bear in mind if you sleep wih someone the rest of the party will know about it and won't consider you up for it.
  • Origins: One of the best things about this game is that which character you choose will significantly affect plot and interaction.  The broad strokes of the plot will reman the same but it is worth playing as a different character once in a while to see the differences play out.
  • Companions:  You can only have 3 companions at a time, although you will accumulate many more people willing to help as you go along.  It is worth keeping a high level rogue, mage and warrior with you at all times.  Who those will be is up to you but there are specific dialogue choices brought up by having certain companions in certain areas so it's worth mixing it up once in a while.
  • Gifts: there are lots of gifts in the game and each character has a list of about 10 things that are specifically meant for them.  Some are obvious, some you ill have to discern by conversing with your companions.  These companion specific gifts will greatly increase their recipients warm feelings towards you (and help you get them into bed if you so desire).
  • Landmark trees: these puzzled me for a while, turns out they are for your Mabari hound (lovely doggy!) they effectively turn on a buff for him.  Also I know it may seem a bit gross but when your dog offers to lick the gore from you following a battle it actually gives him a temporary health boost.  Handy!