Fable II

Overview: 8/10

This is a very pretty game with a nice sense of humour.  The character-forming RPG elements are taken to an extreme here (first experimented with in Fable); not only does your morality affect your appearance (halo/horns) but also your preferred skill set.  If ranged weapons are for you you'll get taller and taller, Melee will make you more and more muscly and Will gives you creepy glowy lines in your skin.  The essentially linear nature of this game is what lets it down.  If they had been able to make this as free-roaming as something like Oblivion then they would have had something special on their hands.  The plot is good, until you get to the spire where a quite hasty tying up of loose ends gives you the impression they ran out of money &/or time.  A lovely game while you're playing but ultimately disappointing.

Hints & Tips

  • Gambling - If you're poor and need to get money gambling is not really the way to go, the 3 main games in Fable 2, Sinnerbox, Keystone & Fortunes Tower have too great a random factor to make it reliable - having said that I have spent Millions on Spinnerbox, I love it
  • Gargoyles - the best way to find these buggers is to keep your ears open.  There is at least one in Bowerstone Market that you will have to buy the property it is on to find.  The last one I had to find was in Bloodstone - start swimming out to sea and hook a right, there is a small island with a gargoyle on. NB Never play Fable 2 with the sound off, often it is the only way to find those pesky gargoyles!
  • Marriage - while it is fine in Fable to have multiple spouses, I would recommend you don't set them both up in the same town.  I did, with disastrous consequences - after giving me an earful they both buggered off and my kid was sent into care.  No more pressies for me. 
  • Will (Magic) - to be honest you will end up with so many free skill points you'll be able to have any magic you want but I would recommend concentrating on the fire spell to start with.  It is particularly effective against Hollowmen and balvererines who think they are standing out of range.
  • Gameplay - the middle section of the game, after you have grown up and before you go to the spire is the best - don't rush it.  It's worth taking the time to find all the gargoyles, solve the demon doors, buy all the property in the world - this sort of thing is the essence of the game.
  • Trolls - shoot the glowy bits (see below)