Fable III

Overview 6/10

My most hotly anticipated game of 2010 turned out to be a turkey! Peter Molyneux has once again promised more than he can deliver.  In his quest to make his rpgs accessible to non-gamers he has forgotton his core demographic.  The reason some of us buy RPGs is that we bloody like them!
Sorry, rant over.  This is still a mildly enjoyable game - although I find the new inventory rooms a bit of a pain.  The plot line is a complete swizz though - 3/4 of the game is spent getting to the throne at which point you imagine you will have a bit of time but no.  The forced passage of time seems unfair and speeds the game to a rather unsatisfactory conclusion.

Hints & Tips

  • Don't bother doing all the friend quests, they are pretty much all fetch and retrieve very boring.
  • Don't get your hopes up that you can have cool wings like in the trailers - you only end up having them for 2 mins
  • If you liked fable, loved fable 2 and thought you would adore fable 3 think again - big disappointment
  • Remember to look for Sunset House - you can find it near Mourningwood.
  • I'm depressed now - someone remind me what was good about this game again?