Fallout 3


A clever and engaging post-apocalyptic rpg.  The graphics are beautiful but there are a few hitches, notably with the difficulty curve - you go from shooting radroaches with an airgun to tacking Supermutants armed with sledgehammers in a remarkably short time.  The main plotline is decidely short, it does however have a lovely soundtrack, lots of mini quests and some amusing perks (mysterious stranger anyone).

Hints and tips

  • As soon as you get the chance head to Tenpenny Tower.  There is a sub-plot involving ghouls that (if you side with the nearby ghouls) can get you a ghoul mask.  While I wouldn't recommend wearing it in the Underworld in Washington, you can wear it while roaming the sewers and not have to worry about being attacked by feral ghouls.  They think you're one of them, sweet huh?
  • If you didn't think it was worth buying the Operation: Anchorage DLC, then think again.  This DLC contains the best armour and weapon in the game.  The Winterised power armour is good but not amazing.  The Gauss rifle on the other hand is a thing of beauty.  I'm not usually a big sniper but I love this gun - it can take out a Supermutant with one shot to the head!!! Its only downside is it eats microfusion cells, can get pricey.
  • When picking perks it really is worth learning the Swift Learner, Fortune Finder and Scrounger perks.  My main complaint while playing was that I constantly ran out of ammo.  Mysterious Stranger and Child at Heart perks are not as pointless as they sound either.  Many the mirelurk has been finished off by a man in a trenchcoat and hat, and there are definitely fiscal benefits to Child at Heart if nothing else
  • Oh and animal friend is pointless - only stops low level animals attacking not those bloody radscorpions.