Fallout New Vegas

Overview: 8/10

Another beautiful offering from Obsidion produced by Bethesda (loving their work). If you liked Fallout 3 you will like this.  Essentially the same concept but set in a  different area, Fallout new vegas is a bit more lighthearted that Fallout 3.  There are some new and interesting touches, e.g. weapon mods, companions and factions but what holds this game back from being a 9/10 is that it's too damn glitchy.  Very pretty, very fun, but also immensely fustrating at times fallout New Vegas feels like a really large DLC for Fallout 3 not a stand alone game.

Hints & Tips

  • If possible do the Boomers sub plots before dealing with the Fiends - the Boomers will give you a rebreather that enables you to breathe underwater - very handy when dealing with submerged storage rooms in Vault 3.