Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV

Overview: 9.8/10

If not the grandaddy of RPGs, at least Bethesda's 2006 offering shows us all how an open world RPG should be done.  With 4 excellent subquest storylines, a myriad of additional side quests and really pretty graphics this is a game that you can return to again and again.  I have racked up about 3-400 hours playing time with 5 different characters, having said that if I have to hear another inane comment about mudcrabs I may kill everyone in the game!

Hints and Tips

  • Sadly the sexual revolution hasn't quite reached Cyrodil.  There is only one female character whose stats are not disadvantaged by her gender - the Khajit.  Otherwise play as a male, you get strength bonuses.
  • You can increase your skills in hand to hand by watching the two sparrers outside the Arena in the Imperial City for a few minutes
  • Similarly you can increase your blade & block by watching the pair fighting outside at Cloud Ruler Temple
  • Grey Prince Quest. Location: Arena. A bit of a moral dilemma here, do you tell the Grey Prince about his heritage or not? Do so and he'll be gutted but you'll receive permanent bonuses to your stats... hmmm... what should you do?
  • DLC The Shivering Isles, at some point you will be asked to kill either the Duke of Mania or Duchess of Dementia.  If you kill the Duke at some point in the future you can pick up Dark Seducer armour (light armour), if you kill the Duchess you can pick up golden Saint Armour (Heavy Armour).  I would make you choice based on what armour you want to wear since, although it's good it has no resell value
  • Mercantile.  The mercantile skill increases on number of transactions so you know what that means.... Yep - hours and hours of selling arrows individually.  It's boring but it works.
  • If you're worried about catching Vampirism you have 3 choices: 1. cart around at least two cure disease potions wherever you go 2. Buy the House in Skingrad and convice the young lady who works in the nearby shop to come work for you; she makes a mean shepherds pie which should help clear up all those nasty rashes etc. 3. Buy the Vile Lair DLC - suddenly un-cureable vampirism is kinda cureable. 
  • If you have contracted Vampirism and allowed it to develop into a full blown disease, try going to Skingrad.  The count there has a probem only a bloodsucker can help with.